II International Multidisciplinary Doctoral Conference of the University of Szczecin ‘MKDUS 2.0.

We are pleased to invite you to the second edition of the International Multidisciplinary Conference MKDUS 2.0, which will be held on 22-24 June 2022. Last year’s edition enjoyed great interest from  PhD students both from Poland and abroad. Last year’s edition enjoyed great interest among the academic community both from Poland and abroad. The conference was held in an atmosphere conducive to the exchange of experiences, and thanks to the great diversity of academic interests, each day resulted in a lively discussion.

The primary aim of the Conference is to exchange views in various fields of research and thus help to  establish contacts in the academic community. The speeches held by many distinguished guests will provide a possibility to learn about opinions on various topics, on any issues that are of your academic concern.

The conference will consist of three panels – their description and dates below:

GREEN PANEL (22.06.2022)

The modern world

The Green Panel is open to all doctoral students studying at HEIs in Poland and abroad. Representatives of the following research disciplines will have the opportunity to present their achievements: mathematical sciences, biological sciences, medical sciences, physical sciences, earth and environmental sciences, physical culture sciences, sociology.

RED PANEL (23.06.2022)

Who are you? An interdisciplinary approach to identity.

This year’s Red Panel theme is “Who Are You? An Interdisciplinary Approach to Identity.” Like the ancient thinkers, today we must also respond to the challenge of knowing ourselves. A person’s identity – their answer to the question of who I am – is the foundation for their choices and functioning. This question includes the problem of their national identity, sense of morality, belonging to a religious group. In a world based on individualism, the questions of who I am, what I identify with, are among the basic existential questions.

PURPLE PANEL (24.06.2022) 

Challenges of social sciences in the 21st century

The issues discussed during the third day of the Conference will concern the challenges of social sciences in the XXI century. During the Purple Panel, the audience will be able to participate in the Masters’ Session, with prominent experts in selected research disciplines as speakers, and in the Doctoral Students’ Session, which will be divided into four panels, according to the topics tackled by the speakers. Each panel will be followed by a discussion about the issues raised by young researchers. We want to provide a space for doctoral students for a lively exchange of ideas and discussion on the effects of their scientific research. We are aimed at openness, thematic diversity and the presentation of practical aspects of one’s doctoral research.


  • 02.2022 r.-15.05.2022 r. – registration
  • 02.2022 r.- 15.05.2022 r. – deadline for sending abstracts (by 11:59 PM)
  • do 15.05.2022 r. – active participation fee
  • do 15.06.2022 r. – publication fee
  • 06.2022 r. – deadline for sending recordings (by 11:59 PM)
  • 22-24.06.2022 r. – conference


Important links:

Editorial requirements and the structure of an abstract: https://tiny.pl/9n7rz

Abstract template: https://tiny.pl/9n79k

Conference Rules and Regulations: https://tiny.pl/9n798

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Cost of Participation:

Registration fee: 50 PLN

Registration fee and the cost of publication: 200 PLN

You are cordially invited to participate!