From Szczecin to Washington, D.C.: A Query at the Library of Congress

Two PhD students of the Doctoral School of the University of Szczecin, mgr  Izabela Osek . and mgr  Michał Prusinowski, participated in a library search at the Library of Congress in Washington between 23 April 2022 and 05 May 2022. The purpose of the visit to the world’s largest library was focused on collecting materials for research, as well as building partnerships at the international level and promoting the Doctoral Schoo.l

The official establishment of the Library of Congress dates back to 1800, when, as a result of political changes, the capital of the United States was moved from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. Originally, the library was intended to serve the members of Congress, being a source of necessary information mainly in the field of law. Today, the Library of Congress is the world’s largest library, with nearly 170 million  volumes in its collection on every conceivable subject, in 470 languages around the world.
Our PhD students were looking for the information on the discipline of management and quality sciences and economic sciences. Mgr Izabela Osek  is working on her PhD dissertation on transformations in human capital management processes in media organizations under the influence of media convergence, and mgr  Michal Prusinowski  is working on the influence of private financing of election campaigns on economic inequality in the United States of America.
A visit to the Library of Congress will contribute to broadening the scientific horizons of young researchers from the University of Szczecin and promoting higher education in Szczecin on a large scale.