Join US -Womenomics Across Culture!

Womenomics Across Culture

Women and economic is two entities that cannot be separated, more woman that have easy access to economic sector it means a lot in many issues. That was a general theme that is presented by Dr. Dr. Amira El-Deed, Director of Career Development Department at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Sharing session through Join US program was attended by more than 40 students of University of Szczecin who are very passionate about this issue. Womenomics is the idea that women’s economic advancement will improve the economy as a whole. First articulated in 1999 by Kathy Matsui, vice chair of Goldman Sachs Japan. The more women are being employed meaning the more economic will grow and has big impact to a country. In order women to have access in economy, they must have access first to education and higher education. Dr. Amira El-Deeb shared story about women’s economic development in Egypt and 2017 was declared as the Egyptian Women’s year. Participants had big enthusiasm in give comment and ask question about this topic, the atmosphere of discussion was very alive and interesting. Last word from the keynote speaker, quoting from Shinzo Abe, was, “Let Women Shine and the rest will follow to a bright path”.