Radio programme – popularization of science, Ilim Irfan Cimdiker

I am Ilim Irfan Cimdiker, PhD student in Cosmology Group of University of Szczecin. I study the thermodynamical aspects of black-holes and holographic dark energy.

Science is hard. Thus the road to understanding any scientific fact is somewhat tricky. Thus, to present our “profound” results to the public, we generally try hard to make them easy to digest. We do this in the popular science genre by making analogies to the everyday world where all can quickly, at least easily, try to imagine what is going on. Nevertheless, this alone makes popular science a little bit off from reality.

This, in fact, also make the public believe that they have understood the subject properly by just understanding analogies. This further bolsters the ranks of anti-science movements, whereby they think they see the big picture and understand it completely; they question the authority of the scientific method poorly. Thus we must not avoid at least some rigor while popularising science. Making it easy does not help society; reaching a small portion of the population and discussing science with more rigor would prevent this in the end.

Conversation with Ilim Irfan Cimdiker and Professor Niedźwiecka, who is responsible for the popularization of science project, was conducted by Joanna Michalska.