The University of Szczecin is the most pro-doctoral University in Poland

For the first time in history, the University of Szczecin was the winner of the PRODOK 2021 competition for the Most Pro-PhD University in Poland. The competition is organized by the National Representation of Doctoral Students.

Its aim is to select a university that creates the best conditions for the education of doctoral students, the best Doctoral Self-Government operating within the university and to promote good practices in the field of doctoral students / doctoral students education. The University of Szczecin took third place, followed by the Silesian University of Technology in second place, and the Jagiellonian University in the first place.

The award received is the result of efficient and effective cooperation between the University of Szczecin Doctoral Students’ Council (URSD US), the Doctoral School of the University of Szczecin and the University Authorities. On behalf of the University, the award was received by the President of URSD US – mgr Artur Łabuz and the Vice-president of URSD US – mgr Urszula Chwesiuk at the award gala in Warsaw on November 20, 2021, and today they were handed over to prof. dr hab. Waldemar Tarczyński, the Rector of the US.